"Great City, Great Community, Great Music!"



Have you ever listened to the radio and thought...?


"Why don't they play …?" or "I'd like to know more about …?  

Well, now it's your chance to make it happen and these are the ways you can do it:-

We welcome contributions from all community groups throughout the West Midlands, and beyond. 

Your show must be no more than one hour in length, pre-recorded and compliant with Blaze FM's Broadcast Policy. As long as it focuses upon a community, group or an association and their activities and has a mix of speech and music we welcome your contribution.


For more information on our policy, please contact us. 


Blaze FM - Committed to the Community

On a monthly basis Blaze will focus upon a particular theme e.g. Health Education, Neighbourhood Issues, Crime, Local Education etc. This thread will go on throughout the daytime and evening output.

If you are a member of a local charity and would like to highlight their work or if you would like more information on a particular subject, please send your suggestions to us.


"Great City, Great Community, Great Music!" 



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