Blaze FM's Web Safe series continues with reports on how the Internet can be used safely and without exploitation; listen to our live streaming radio station to find out more.




Have you ever looked at a web site and thought….? 


"Why don't they update it…?" or "What's this all about…?" 

Well, Blaze FM has the answer:- 

Blaze FM is committed to ensure that the Internet is easier and safer to use for all.

We will assist people who find it difficult to access the Internet to become more confident and safe in its use.

Blaze FM will strive to ensure that with correct training and increased awareness, local groups and communities will benefit from the experience of social inclusion through the use of new technologies.

This will enhance their social and creative skills and attain a valued position in society which will match their capabilities and aspirations without discrimination.

 Our Mission Statement


"To create social development and inclusion through the safe and effective use of the Internet"

What we have found ... 

Disabled users of the Internet continue to be disadvantaged in comparison to other users. The relationship between the disabled user and the means to access the Internet is complicated.

The Internet needs to be more facilitated to create a personalised approach when interfacing with the World Wide Web. It needs to provide options to adapt to the user giving them confidence and control when they access the Internet

Facts & Figures. 


In 2015, 78% of households in the UK have access to a computer.  increase of 43% from when records began in 2006.

(National Statistics 2016)


Over 90% of jobs in the UK are dependent upon computers.

(You Gov Statistics 2015)


9 out of 10 websites are inaccessible to people who use non-standard computer hardware.

(Ability Net Annual Report 2008)


Two thirds of disabled internet users need assistive devices to access a computer or the Internet

(Ability Net 2009)


Over 80% of websites are unusable by disabled people.

(DRC 2009)


"The use of the Internet can be a great benefit to disabled people and a major force in promoting an inclusive society"

(Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2008)


Stuck on the hard shoulder of the Information Superhighway?


Blaze FM believes that it is vital for anyone who wishes to use the Internet should be able to do so without fear of exposure to the less desirable aspects of the World Wide Web and free from intimidation and exploitation. 

This is why Blaze will always endorse any project which promotes safe use of the Internet. As the main thread of our output, Blaze FM will be exploring ways and means to ensure internet safety. 


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